Pieces of Eight - From Start to Finish

Here is a slide show of the making of  the 8"x 8" oil painting created for the Marblehead Arts Association exhibit, "Hooper's Treasures Pieces of Eight - Fundraiser Exhibit." The Opening Reception is on Sunday, November 22, 2 - 4pm and the show will be up until January 3, 2016. If you'd like to come, the Marblehead Arts Association is located at:

8 Hooper Street Marblehead, MA 01945

This slide show demonstrates the progress of the painting. I have outlined the steps I took below:

[slideshow_deploy id='1888']

Slide 1: The new canvas still wrapped

Slides 2-4: I began by adding a layer of acrylic gesso. After it dried I sanded off the tooth (the rough surface)

Slide 5: I based the painting on a crayon study I had previously done (seen at left). I used this as a reference as I began drawing my plan on the canvas (seen at right).

Slide 6: I added a layer of yellow ochre paint to tone the canvas.

Slides 7-17: This shows the progression of the painting over the course of 4 days using paint, brushes, palette knife and rags to get a textured effect.

Slide 19: The finished painting. It is for sale for $150.

To learn more about the Marblehead Arts Association and this upcoming show please click the link.