"100 Twenty Minute Portraits" - Completed

20 Minute Portrait Extra

It feels great to be finished with my portrait project! I have really enjoyed getting the chance to look back on everything I've worked on since I started in 2012. Here's a recap:

100 different sittings, 77 different people, 37 males, 40 females. After contacting and scheduling from start to finish it took 3 years 3 months and 6 days to finish this project. Starting in November of 2012 (11 portraits), 2013 ( 31 portraits), 2014 (45 portraits), 2015 (8 portraits) and finishing in February 2016 (5 portraits). A little longer than anticipated, but I am happy with how the project came out and with everything I learned throughout the process. They are painted with acrylic on 12"x 9" gessoed paper with limited palette of titanium white, yellow ocher, indian red and mars black.  Here are some links to see all the portraits, the artist statement, and other blog entries:

100 Twenty Minute Portraits           Artist Statement           20 Minute Blog Posts

Below is a selection of nine portraits that I am particularly happy with and feel were successful in capturing the sitter.

20 Minute Portrait ExtraBelow is a selection of nine more portraits that show my learning process during this project. With these I experimented with different paint application and color schemes. While they may not be “successful", no fault to the sitter but to my skill and knowledge at the time, these were a big part of my experience and development in learning more about portraiture. I not only want to share my successful portraits but also the ones that I learned the most from.

20 Minute Portrait Extra

One of the parameters of my project was that I could not paint a single sitter more than three times. There were six total sitters who reached this maximum and their portraits are pictured below. I enjoy seeing how much variation there is even among the same model - many of the dominant features can be recognized in the various portraits though the style and imagery of each one can appear vastly different.

20 Minute Portrait Extra

To everyone who supported the project, either by sitting as a model or offering encouragement, thank you!  I hope to show the work in upcoming exhibits, and also hope to put together a book of the finished product. I will keep you updated on these happenings!