Artist Statement: 100 Twenty Minute Portraits

The project involves painting quick, twenty-minute portraits of family, friends and people I interact with in daily life.  While the project initially aimed to improve my technical skill in regard to portraiture, it also evolved into an exploration of the relationship between the sitter and the painter. Specifically, I became interested in the individual’s experience of being a model, including how they responded to the invitation to sit, how they felt or reacted while being painted, and their reflections on their finished portraits. Furthermore, I began to look at how the painting itself not only reflects characteristics of the sitter, but also my perception of the individual and my relationship with them.

This project will include 100 portraits painted. The portraits are painted from a French easel, which allows for the versatility of painting in various environments while having all necessary materials available. They are painted on 9”x 12” gessoed paper using a limited color palette of acrylic paint, including Titanium White, Mars Black, Indian Red and Yellow Ochre. Upon completion of the project, I hope to exhibit the work as a whole, either in a book or gallery setting.