In the Studio: New Project Update

Welcome to the second installment of "In the Studio," my blog posts that provide a glimpse into my painting process and work at my home studio. I have been busy working on the large, commissioned triptych painting that I introduced earlier in my blog. For those of you who are new to the blog, or would like a quick reminder of this project, please check out my previous entry about the painting - In the Studio: New Project. Most of my work on the painting up to this point has involved planning and preparing what will be on the canvases, including drafting sketches of possible compositions and color-schemes. This prep work has helped make the actual painting process more efficient now that I have begun applying paint.

Currently all three canvases are covered with paint and include the bigger elements of the composition. My next step is fine tuning - intensifying the color, building textures and variations in brushwork and getting it to breathe and glow from within.

Here are a few action shots of me painting in the studio: instudio3WEB




As you can see, it is difficult to fit the canvases in the small space, but I have worked out a system. Stay tuned for more updates on this project, which is set to be installed on August 10th.