"F. For FAKE", documentary by Orson Welles

I've recently been fascinated by different art forgers throughout history and learning more about the characters that make this "fake" art. I found this documentary on Netflix, which focuses on the famous art forger, Elmyr de Hory. It is a bit confusing and disjointed but I enjoyed it.  The whole movie is on Youtube - I've embedded the video below if you're interested in watching. IMG_0121

David Hockney: A Bigger Picture

I've always enjoyed painting outside and capturing scenes in the moment, and was therefore interested in this movie about David Hockney and his experience painting outdoors. Seeing a man of his age still going out to paint is very motivating and inspiring to me. I'm looking forward to the nice weather this week and getting out there. Below is a clip from the documentary. Nov__blog_2015 009

Pieces of Eight - From Start to Finish

Here is a slide show of the making of  the 8"x 8" oil painting created for the Marblehead Arts Association exhibit, "Hooper's Treasures Pieces of Eight - Fundraiser Exhibit." The Opening Reception is on Sunday, November 22, 2 - 4pm and the show will be up until January 3, 2016. If you'd like to come, the Marblehead Arts Association is located at:

8 Hooper Street Marblehead, MA 01945

This slide show demonstrates the progress of the painting. I have outlined the steps I took below:

[slideshow_deploy id='1888']

Slide 1: The new canvas still wrapped

Slides 2-4: I began by adding a layer of acrylic gesso. After it dried I sanded off the tooth (the rough surface)

Slide 5: I based the painting on a crayon study I had previously done (seen at left). I used this as a reference as I began drawing my plan on the canvas (seen at right).

Slide 6: I added a layer of yellow ochre paint to tone the canvas.

Slides 7-17: This shows the progression of the painting over the course of 4 days using paint, brushes, palette knife and rags to get a textured effect.

Slide 19: The finished painting. It is for sale for $150.

To learn more about the Marblehead Arts Association and this upcoming show please click the link.