I am not an artist but a person who happens to make objects of doubt and stress.


Artist — - - -The rock carver story but with artists

Story of Greys

“And there were none” - illastrate

My/ our mission is to find meaning in a meatless world through sharing my knowledge and love of art by objects or teaching existent.

100 epslin Volume

This body of work start explore open ended use crayons no time limit


"This is the second year we've ordered holiday cards from Marc. Both sets have been of the highest quality and efficient in both purchase and delivery. Marc's creativity has enabled us to send a unique greeting to all friends and family. Everyone loved the Snow People in 2015 and we expect they will enjoy the Snow Tree just as much this year. We are excited to see what unique options are available for future holiday seasons!" - Matt W. , Somerville, MA




I found Marc Morin's Line vs Value Workshop very reasonably priced and helpful in learning new techniques. Marc had a well organized lesson plan and presentation with several practice exercises to take away to hone skills after the workshop.


Marc is an excellent instructor and has extensive knowledge of a variety of artists, techniques and art history. He was open to answering questions and give examples well beyond the scope of the workshop, molding the time to the needs of the students. 


Without hesitation, I would recommend beginners, as well as, advanced artists to sign up for any workshop Marc were to offer.  Pat Chase


I have been very pleased with the original artwork that Marc has done for me through the years. I was also extremely happy with a restoration project that he was able to complete in a timely fashion. Marc has also worked very well with my three children from very young ages to now their teenage years. 
5 stars for his abilities!!
5 stars as a teacher for my 3 children!! -  By Paul on 6/6/2016
Painting, In home


By Scott on 5/9/2016

I have been familiar with Marc’s artwork for many years, and over that time his painting abilities and technique have grown and developed, bringing his already natural abilities to an even higher level. Marc always remains engaged in the art community, and is also knowledgeable in art history. If you spend any time with him, you will quickly get to know his cheerful, fun, (and at times slightly eccentric) personality. He pushes himself to create artwork with a variety of different techniques to maintain versatility in his painting abilities, and this makes him well suited for teaching, because he will be able to help you with whatever you want/need to learn for your own paintings. I would recommend Marc to anybody looking to improve their painting abilities while also enjoying the learning process.



By Mark on 5/8/2016
Oil Painting, In studio 

Marc is a talented and serious artist. He is knowledgable about many techniques and is very patient. I recommend him whether you are just starting out or have already had some experience at painting. He's a good guy!


By Kallan on 5/7/2016
Oil Painting 

Marc is a very talented artist and great to work with. His professionalism and knowledge of the craft were much appreciated, as I had very little prior experience in painting. He has guided me through the process from start to finish and I feel that I've learned a lot from him. I hope to continue working with him in the future and would highly recommend a lesson with him.


By Angela on 5/6/2016
Watercolor Painting, In studio 

Marc is super! He really listened to me when I had questions about a new technique. He was very patient and took the time to explain the process to me (a beginner) and finally I understood. I also enjoy talking with Marc on a personal level about his art.


By Dolores on 5/6/2016

I have found Marc to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of art. I am very interested in history and he has been able to teach me about different artists and their techniques. Marc is not judgmental and is very easy to talk to. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone.

By Greg on 5/6/2016
Oil Painting, In studio 

I took several lessons with Marc and found him to be an excellent instructor. He was patient, and non-judgmental which was important to me as I am a beginner. I would recommend Marc with no reservations.

By Diana on 5/6/2016

Marc is an extremely talented painter with a patient, calm demeanor. I highly recommend Marc as an instructor for all ages and abilities.